Reblog: Pastors in Trouble 2a: The Community of Faith | Fallen Pastor

It’s not much of a secret I’ve taken a very long break from church and church-people. Frankly, I’m sick inside and I have been for a long time. If you know me personally you’ll understand that I’ve seen two once thriving churches collapse under their own manure, and one that has a very personal story I just don’t want to share.

Our churches are in trouble and too few are standing up to the issues of today as they sit and holler “Old Paths” fundy-isms. While a church bleeds and dies from the top down, it also rots from the pew outward.

Click through and see if you see anything familiar.

Let’s look at one of the problems I believe is responsible for so many pastors leaving the ministry. Simply put, instead of living as communities of faith, we are Sunday gatherings of happychurchpeople with bright smiles who have little connection with one another and are engaging in one more weekly activity.

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