The Subtle Art of Destroying Humans – Desiring God

Children. The sweet smell of innocent laughter. The sound of a joyful uncontaminated heart. Can you imagine how offensive those lifes are to Enemy?

Kill it. Make it shut up. Make the grownups hopeless and blind them. Arrange conveniences that serve Death and fuel Guilt and Shame. Kill them all. Reduce the humans to emotional rubble and their lifes will follow.

I wonder what Screwtape would say.

“The humans who have been through the distortion tutelage usually aren’t even afraid of the right things! When a parent talks about both the hardship and the “blessing” of raising that child yes, the Enemy often makes good come to the family through this vermin, a little whiff of reality sets in. And when that happens it becomes harder for us to kill the next one. So keep bleaching from their minds the idea of these babies being real persons.”

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Got kids? Thank you. thankyouthankyouthankyou. Seriously, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes thanking you. You’re my heroes. You’re not a “parent”. You’re a life-trainer with such an incredible responsibility it’s astounding. Prayer just went out for each and every one of you.