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Have you ever been in the middle of the crisis feeling anguish you can’t cope with and there are no answers and the friends you thought you could count on have left you in the ditch to rot and you just wish you could curl up in a dark place to pull more darkness and isolation over you so you could wither and die? That’s called despair.

And when people tell you that God never puts anything on you that you can’t handle does it stab you in the gut and leave you wanting to claw someone’s eyes out for being so insensitive and stupid?

Sound familiar? Been there. Let me tell you I love you and I understand. Get in touch if you want and we’ll talk if you need it. I won’t tell you that stupid platitude that is nothing more than, “Oh, come on. You can handle it. It can’t be that bad. You’re not a good Christian if you can’t handle it.”

Nonsense. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll tell you the story of the time God shattered me into into so many itty bitty pieces It’s hard to find the old me anymore. Almost 8 years ago… Another time perhaps.

A friend who has also seen some very hard times shared this blog post and it’s well worth sharing again and again.

God won’t give you more than you can handle.  If I may be so bold, let’s just call that what it is:

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Why? He Is!

Why another Jesus Blog?

He’s the Son of God

King of Kings

Alpha and Omega

Beginning and End

The Word become flesh

Creator of the Universe

Satisfaction of holy justice

The thorn-crowned lamb.

Faithful and True

God incarnate

Master builder

Chief scientist

Salt and Light

He understands Gravity

He knows I can’t change so he changes me





I Am




Bread of Life

Author and Finisher

The best Christmas present EV-ER!!!

Tender of bruised reeds and snuffed candles


He’s the lyric to every song of every bird and beast

The rocks know his name

Dead bones come to life

Defeater of Death

Borrowed my grave

HE IS ALIVE and I’m forgiven

Victorious warrior

The lamb that was slain

The one who holds me tight when no one else will

From my friend Richard: “Lover”. LOVE that one. How magnificent is the lover who knows us so intimately well and loves every bit of us in spite of who we were without Him!