Seven Reasons Very Active Church Members Drop Out

Seven Reasons Very Active Church Members Drop Out.

There are several comments to the above linked article that are very good.

As for me, I have my reasons. They’re myriad and multifaceted and multiplying, to tell the truth.


One Week Anniversary

Wow. What a week.

Right now it is Saturday evening and for Sunday I am going to rest by taking a little short road trip to a recently found favorite place. I think I’ll sit in the shade of the Mulberry trees next to the creek and see if I can hear Jesus speaking in the babbling water He knew would be running past at that moment before water was even created. I think I’ll put a hand on a tree as I sometimes do and apologize (again) for one of its cousins being used as the death-place of the One who spoke it into existence. I think I’ll tell it I secretly long for the day when I can hear its throat opened up to give glory to God. I think I’ll catch a butterfly and ask it what it is like to not be under a curse, to not need a Redeemer, to be perfect and still innocent. I’ll probably ask the Ragweed to leave me alone a while.

This past week, I’ve been honest. Those places I went are where I’ve been this week myself. This is more of a personal journal, you see. A long time ago God developed in me the desire to share much of what He and I go through with each other and talk to each other about. I hope I’ve not sounded pretentious or leading or snobbish or something else. But I’m honestly not worried about it. He did most of the work. Blame Him.

Here’s a present for you. Will you gift Him back in worship for a few minutes?