North Korea publicly executes 80, some for videos or Bibles, report says | Fox News

German Military Firing Squad Eliminates an Opponent of the New World Order

Do you ever feel persecuted?

Let’s get honest for a minute. “Christian persecution” has so many flavors and nuances and outlets it can be hard to determine what really is and is not genuine suffering for the Name of Christ. I sometimes believe we in the USA have a persecution complex and are ready to holler about my rights far too easily and assume we’re being deliberately trodden on for our faith. Someone may simply not like you. They may not like you a whole bunch. And a bunch of people may feel the same way. Big deal. But are you being targeted only because of your faith?

Consider this: North Korea publicly executes 80, some for videos or Bibles, report says | Fox News.


Reblog: Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse? –

A good read for several reasons.

I’ve seen this before in several ways and it always boils down to one thing:
If you will not take God seriously in His word and believe that Jesus is who he is, the heart becomes sick. The head begins trying to think its way out of God’s clear word and will do anything to justify its own self and itself becomes sick between dealing with a sick heart and the insanity of a mind that thinks it can save itself. With a sick heart and a sick head, the body will die.

It is agonizing to belong to a local church body that’s tearing itself apart. I can’t imagine what it’s like to see the entire denomination in chaos.

I promise I’m not insensitive to the need for lots more conversation on the subject of homosexuality in the church. But to elect and appoint people to Christian leadership who are deliberately ignoring God’s word and self-justifying what the Bible teaches is wrong will lead to misery every time.

Convention attendees were told that they had spent $18 million this year suing their own local congregations — those which have protested the denomination’s policies by trying to secede. The New York hierarchy has consistently won in court – asserting that the local members signed over their buildings decades ago. As a result, some of the largest Episcopal congregations in the United States have been forced to vacate their buildings and meet elsewhere.

So now, convention delegates were told, the denomination is the proud owner of scores of empty buildings nationwide – and liable for their upkeep in a depressed real estate market where empty church buildings are less than prime property. It’s the classic “dog in a manger.”

Why is the Episcopal Church near collapse? –

Breaking: Kidnapper Ariel Castro Dead

The kidnapper who held 3 women captive for 10 years was found dead in his cell, apparently a suicide.

I do not know what kinds of depravity was in his heart but I’m sure it was all the same stuff that common to us all. He had no greater need of a Savior than anyone else, yet I see so much rejoicing in his death. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s heartbreaking because maybe he knew the Gospel and rejected it. It’s heartbreaking because maybe he knew the Gospel and at one point honestly and really believed and then Hell came after him to turn him into its monster for a time. If that’s so, he is free now. And maybe he never heard or saw Jesus living in one of us. Maybe he never really knew. God knows.

In the coming hours and days PLEASE guard your heart against rejoicing in this needless death.