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People are angry. They’re frustrated that they can’t live with the freedom to sin. The problem resides in this: people don’t have any concept of what life is like without sin. They imagine it to be dull and lifeless. They have no idea that real life begins at the acceptance of Christ.

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Christian Lunch

Beware of Christians in large numbers, especially when they’re feeding after church .

Let’s get real a minute. Some of you embarrass the rest of us so badly we don’t want anything to do with you. My story? Several years ago after eating at Mexican-style restaurant after church one Sunday a friend received a foreign quarter in his change. His demeanor with the poor cashier became very hostile, his voice dripped contempt, and he rather loudly demanded “american money” (funny thing, Canada is in America). The cashier was having a hard time understanding so the demand got repeated, louder this time, and by then I was ready to hide for a few days. He used his supposed patriotism to be a complete jerk.

Picture this: Someone who is supposed to be a loving Christian, taught to be patient and kind, having a fit over TWENTY FIVE CENTS. I’m still ashamed. The kicker is, I don’t think he’d even care.

What started this? The people serving you are sick of you, you holier-than-everyone snob Sunday Luncher. The person serving you on Sunday probably wishes they were scrubbing toilets or looking for mines in a field using a hammer. And there’s finally a website made just for you.

About: Sundays Are The Worst

About: Sundays Are The Worst

…As I walked back to my van, I felt sick inside.  I couldn’t believe that I was treated so poorly by my fellow “believers”.  And I also thought to myself how glad I was that it was me who got picked for this delivery instead of someone else who might not have known Christ already.  I thought about the next time these uber-rich Christians order pizza, what if they treat the next delivery driver as poorly as they did me?


…They all got their orders right. Even the ones who insisted on lunch food rather than breakfast food.  They all got their extra butter and jelly and margarine. They all got as many coffee refills – and water refills and soda refills  – as they wanted. And more. I worked my heart out, and my feet off, making sure that those 20+ people had the best service I could give. They were at my tables for over an hour, which meant that I had no other diners to serve. And when they left, I received a whopping $2 – or maybe $2.50.

And a couple of church bulletins.



And there are scores more stories saved about you and me and how we REALLY do lunch and what the people serving us think.

My final word: When you sit down to lunch at a restaurant you know a tip will be expected by your server. You sat there in acknowledgement and agreement to pay your server for their work, which is biblically mandated. You agreed. If you do anything other than meeting that obligation, I don’t care if you don’t like their hair, their accent, their tattoos, their piercing, whatever- if they have served you well and you fail to meet your obligation to them you are a FRAUD, a cheater, and a liar.

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Let me just say this: If your selfish head is stuck so far up your indignant behind that you can’t see how horrible it is for Christians to act like a bunch of snotty brats, you have a very serious heart-issue. Yes, I can see the point. I’m a business owner myself. But I SERVE my customers. I’m not the judge or hangman. I’m called to make disciples. If one act of mercy leads to anyone reaching out for the Cross, I’ve done what Yeshua asked.

“I desire that you would go and learn what this means: I DESIRE MERCY…” -Jesus

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“The whole idea of disallowing businesses to refuse service to people is actually a good thing. It was a critical piece of the civil rights movement. It’s the piece of the puzzle that tells restaurants, ”You cannot refuse service to colored people.” It’s the piece that says landlords cannot refuse housing to someone based on a personal agenda. It’s a good thing…until we feel it is working against our own beliefs.

When we get called on violating someone else, rather than respond with humility and an apology, we get all in a huff. HOW DARE YOU TREAD ON MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!”

via Forced Gay – The Battle for Straight Xian Rights | The Anon Church.


Grounds For Moral Outrage? Get a grip.
Grounds For Moral Outrage? Get a grip.

Grounds For Moral Outrage?
Get a grip.

You know, I think of all the Christian character traits mature followers should have the most important is outrage. It is extremely important to be thoughtless and reactionary with unchecked anger and we seriously need to channel those feelings into some productive revenge. I think Jesus would be so proud of us!

Now all we need is for the church to rise up out of its oppression, light the torches and hoist the pitchforks, and let’s go burn something down so we can feel closer to God! Then We’ll do the best thing a Christian can do.


If you want to know what the dripping sarcasm is about, here’s a note from Ed:

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