Just some initial notes and an introduction:

My name is Trent and I am a grateful believer in the Lord, Christ Jesus and I am in recovery from submitting to my dead flesh way too much and to the freedom and victory of my sweet savior way too little. {Shoutout to anyone in the Celebrate Recovery ministry!}

Hang around and you’ll get to know more about the personal stuff. I’m not bashful and will talk about most anything.

I’ve wanted to write a daily devotional again for some time but the timing was never right and a decent name for a devotitarian blog (don’t be surprised if I make up words) just never came along. Then one day after an outward skirmish due to an inner war I’d had for some time I found myself wanting to send a care package to some friends that contained only two good throwing-size rocks and a gavel in case they continued to have the need for ammunition and to sit in judgement on what Christ has already forgiven. As I sat with God watching me wrestle with my need for revenge, No Rocks – No Gavel just popped into my head and it connected to the old idea to write a daily devotional piece.
It’s time.

Ads: I’m not responsible for them and WordPress controls them. If you’d like to make a $30 donation to remove them it will be gratefully accepted. If you’d like to do more I can do more, but let’s just get this thing off the ground and see what happens before you decide to subsidize my creative outlet.



YES!!! You may reblog under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) I’ll get around to a (CC) widget soon.

PLEASE COMMENT! I have a huge ego to deal with so beat me up if you really need an outlet. I guarantee I could use some humbling.

Sometimes my brain gets stopped up. Don’t be surprised if the “devotional” is simply a passage of scripture.

Bibles: I am forever NOT interested in discussions on what bible is best. I personally study mostly with a Keyword Study Bible in NAS (77) from AMG Publishers. I’ve found it to be the best all-in-one bible I’ve ever used and I’ve found the NAS to be very technically correct. BUT since God is God I suppose he can speak through any translation in any language he wishes. Sometimes I do see blatant errors in translations though and there’s just nothing I can do about it but point to God’s sovereignty in all things.

My absolute favorite study tool is e-Sword. I can highly recommend it.

Bible study: Sometimes you hear about special prayers or the deeper things of God or special knowledge. Be careful of those things. I enjoy a good dig and treasure hunt in the Word but there is no secret, there is no special prayer hidden somewhere, that will make you or me any closer to Jesus. When he chooses to reveal something to someone through the Bible, it was not a secret. It was there the whole time, but it wasn’t time to hear it. But like any treasure, you have to do the digging. And there is no secret handshake, no special prayer, and no forms to fill out to begin or walk in relationship with Jesus. If you haven’t yet begun that relationship and walk, I think Jesus would be greatly honored if you would just talk to him about giving up your life, letting Him live for you now since he’s died your death and was laid in a tomb he borrowed from you and by his own authority conquered Death forever and walked out of your grave. Will you follow him out? All that remains along the way is that you believe Him in all things.

Stay tuned. There’s some handy follow buttons around here somewhere if you want email updates. There’s a page on facebook where we can continue the discussion at No Rocks – No Gavel.


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