“For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. (Luke 8:17 NASB)

What’s triggered today’s thought is I just emptied my pants to toss them in the wash. I helped a friend a while yesterday and was away from home and Me, being I, had to be prepared in season and out so here’s what I had in my cargo pants.

In my pants.

In my pants.

Belt, 2 do-rags (besides the one on my head), SJWF Bible, wallet (with comb and full set of spare keys), clippers, marker, rock (yes, a rock), tube of antacids (yeah, I have a cranky tummy), 2 flashlights, leather pouch with pen phone and pad of paper, 2 knives, SwissArmy Cybertool, full set of keys and remote, glasses with clip-on jewelers loupe, and standing up is a little bottle full of sunscreen.

The question is, How much baggage can we carry around before gravity God pulls our pants down? I’ve had it done to me once or thrice and it’s not fun when gravity God needs to get our attention the hard way. What stuff do we really think we’re hiding in our pockets? What’s your favorite trinket that’s just yours- nobody else sees it.


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