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I think it is very important to realize that not only are we all individuals, as followers of Jesus we’re all uniquely His with unique needs and wounds and failings. We each have different eyes, ears, and minds to input and process what we’re told, what we read, and what the in-dwelling Spirit teaches us. If we fail to be flexible with grace, we’re inflexible in our judgement and we’re merciless in execution of our will.

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So we began, unconsciously, the process of deconstructing our “Christianity”. It’s a long and difficult journey, and often it feels like there’s no compass. See, we’d been taught the Bible was the source of all truth, and that whatever was footnoted with a Bible verse was true. We’d been told that there was only one way to interpret it, and that any other way was wrong and dangerous. Then we began to realize that many of those things so neatly footnoted with Bible verses were simply not true. Not because the Bible was not true, but because the hermeneutic was flawed. We realized that you could find a Bible verse to support any view, no matter how broken or twisted. And so the admonition to “just trust the Bible” held little comfort, because we were unable to read the Bible without hearing the words of all those men in suits selling us truth and lies mixed together.

Evangelism. Inspiration. Music. Evolution. Marriage. Politics. War. Gender roles. Denominations. Islam. Social justice. Eschatology. Capitalism. Abortion. Revelation. Feminism. Immigration. Youth group. Liturgy. Morality. The very nature of Jesus, and of God Himself. These are the things that had been all tied up in the package mislabeled “Christianity”, neatly with a bow on top.

via When We Criticize the Church | Redemption Pictures.


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