Excellent Reblog: A New Legalism | RZIM

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Since I started this blog I’ve found myself having to filter me quite a bit. We all judge. We stole the Knowledge of Good and Evil, without having the spiritual capacity to wield it, and now we’re all stuck with it. Here’s some perspective:

Why is it that human beings become legalists regardless of the rules involved? The desire to have clear boundaries, and a concern for decency and order to guide communities, is both necessary and prudent. Yet somehow rules meant to offer shape for community living often grow into gods we come to worship—gods who serve as judge and jury for all who fall short of their dictates. Clear boundaries become walls of separation dividing human relationships and community, and the enforcers quickly draw lines around the righteous and the unrighteous. Legalism prompts one to declare her “virtue” as the clearly superior standard.

Perhaps humans find it easier to love legalities because it is easier than loving people.

via A New Legalism | RZIM.


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