Process or Pressure?

I’ve debated and prayed and wondered about how to start this week off and I’m still not quite sure where this is going to go. And me, being filled with I, does not like to not see where we’re going with this. But fortunately I have veto power to not click the Publish button. 🙂

If you were instantly cured of a fatal disease at some place of treatment would you instantly leave the building? Maybe you’d need to stick around a while to get some after-cure instructions and training on how to care for yourself in the long term. Maybe you can enlist some friends to help you keep an eye on yourself. And the best experts on your former disease tell you it will not ever come back. People who have been cured before have never gotten it again, ever, in all of history. But the disease has left it’s marks on you. It’s been draining and expensive. You will have to live with the scars and the wounds it gave you for the rest of your life. They will ache sometimes, especially if it turns off cold and rainy. And fortunately the treatment was completely free to you and without condition. But you do have to keep up with your self-maintenance or other things can go wrong because of how the disease devastated your body for a time.

I have no doubt you see the other picture I’m painting in the background. A picture of a life redeemed but has a way to go yet here in this dying flesh.

Welcome to Life, in flesh-suit. The funny thing here is, Life is going to let you run things while Life orchestrates every circumstance you deal with. You can either let Life be in the process with you, or you can do things your way.

That’s enough for now. May I suggest you memorize Galatians 2:20 in whatever translation you are comfortable with. We’re going to come back to that verse a bunch in the coming days.

No pressure.

Journal Pic1.Crucified with Christ.DSCN4201

Not many people see into my journal.


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