Have a Nice Trip?

Trip Hazzard

And blessed is he who does not stumble over me.
Matthew 11: 6


Have you ever been on your ‘Jesus-high” in prayer and worship, been basking in who He is, and instantly something you’ve yet to deal with pops into your head?


High’s over. Welcome back to dealing with flesh on Jesus’ terms.

What are the things you’ve put off that Jesus annoys you about? It’s okay to be honest. You’re not alone, I almost promise. I have those things to deal with myself and have put quite a few behind me already. Those stumble-things are something that we will always stumble over unless we deal with them by handing them to Jesus, and move on. Jesus is unrelenting about such things. We will not get away with ignoring him. No matter how deep we shove these things into the dark, secret corners of our hearts and minds Jesus knows they’re there and they stink.

The catch is, you can’t do it alone under your own power. Well-meaning people can preach repent at you and use their best head-whacking Bible to get your attention, but they can’t deal with the inside-me or deal with the inside-you way down deep that needs to be dealt with. That job belongs to Jesus via the Holy Spirit. It’s our job to do the yielding and submitting. Welcome to hard work, Christian. May I give us both a tidbit of advice? Submit. Surrender. You’ll never work hard enough to fix yourself. Let your Redeemer do it. We cannot cope with the weight of ongoing sin. Putting off the weight of self and taking on Jesus’ light burden is the gateway to enormous freedom. If you don’t, it will become a crushing capstone when we could have released it and stood on the cornerstone.

The hardest things you will ever do as a follower of Christ will be done between you and Jesus alone.

The story so far: No rocks. No gavel. Do not judge. Do not worry. Get up. Let your chains fall off. Walk out of the prison. Forgive. Watch your step.



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