Dancing With Trees.

How can anyone deny the existence of God?
The whole Universe echoes with His command to Be.
All creation sings to Him in a voice that only God can truly understand.

Sometimes, when I’m quiet inside and listening, I take the time to try to join in the praise that even the lowest worm offers up to God Almighty .
The smallest bacteria to the mightiest Sequoia ring out with this simple pride to just be in the sight of God: “Hey world! God sees me and He knows me! HE MADE ME!”
They shout it with their own special God-given furor.

Do any of us listen?
Do any of us care to hear the words to the songs of the  sparrows?
Do we dare stop thinking about ourselves long enough to listen to our very own soul’s song? The holiest song whose melody is simply the Name, Jesus. Messiah. Redeemer. Christ.

My best advice to anyone who doubts the existence of God is to shut up and listen.

Even the smallest nudge of the wind carries the Name of God in its voice as it runs singing through the trees.

tt 11/28/04


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